March 18, 2011

Date Delicacy

These delicious dates need no introduction, they speak for themselves and are perfect for any and every occasion. Make them and you'll see. Trust me, I'm a foodie. 

What You'll Need: 
  • 20 pitted dates 
  • 4-6 oz of cream cheese (or more depending on the size of your dates)
  • 2o nuts (pecan halves, pine nuts, almonds, and walnuts are all delicious)
  • 7 slices of bacon, cut into thirds
  • 2o toothpicks 
  • 1 plastic zip-lock sandwich bag
  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. Place cream cheese in zip-lock bag.
  3. Cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag. 
  4. Stuff one nut into each date and top with cream cheese until they are full. 
  5. Wrap each date with 1/3 slice of bacon, and secure bacon with a toothpick. 
  6. Place dates 1" apart in a shallow baking dish.
  7. Bake 5 minutes, then turn dates with tongs.
  8. Bake 5 additional minutes, or until bacon is crisp. (Monitor carefully for burning.) 
  9. Remove from pan and drain on paper towel.
  10. Serve immediately.
  11. Develop addiction to bacon wrapped dates. 


  1. I don't like dates that much but bacon is my heart!

    Think i'mma try this.


    Found u on 20sb. I'm a follower :)

    Hope ul follow my blog too.

    It's rad :)


    is where am at